Studio Memoirs: Radio Tales

As my radio career has evolved, I have captured some moments of my radio journey on disc. A few weeks ago I rediscovered my collection of radio moments and took a long look back on my six year years on radio, what I have learnt and how I have grown though it and with it. 

Some of those moments brought me to tears with laughter, some of those moments reminded me of the road that I have travelled and why it is that I am in radio. Most importantly though, they reminded me why I have so much respect for the platform and the opportunity to be allowed into people’s homes and hearts. 

This is the audio clip that started it all in November 2005; my first ever voice over recording.
First VO Clip 2005

Not for one second did I ever think that that would lead to a career in radio but that’s where it took me. The radio bug bit; I was hooked  and there was no turning back. After initially hosting a weekend graveyard shift for a few months at the end of 2005 and the early half of 2006 on the then P4 KZN;  I got the opportunity hosted an evening talk show when the station rebranded to Gagasi 99.5FM in 2006.
The objective of the talk show? To talk, about anything and everything.
Male Grooming Topic Gagasi 99.5FM 2007


As part of that talk show, I also inherited an HIV/AIDS talk show called Talking Positively.  It was one of the highlights of my radio career.
Clip from an interview with with Judge Edwin Cameron

The year 2007 was just epic for me. I worked with creative radio genius, Makhosi Khoza, co hosting the afternoon drive time show, Ziph’ikhwama, on Gagasi 99.5FM. SumMed up, 2007 was the ‘Year of the Laugh’.

These are just some of the crazy ‘Ziphi Ads’ and ‘Ziphi Soaps’ that we did on the show.  They were loosely based on either everyday circumstances that we observed or on actual events at the time. Mostly though, we were taking the mickey out of products, people and situations.

In 2008 I moved across to Ukhozi FM at the SABC, initially doing graveyard shifts as a content producer and a weekend slot as an on-air presenter. 

Fast forward to 2009, I was co hosting the morning drive time show, Vuka Mzansi. That show had a lot of highlights for me but the most memorable experience I had  was on my birthday. My colleagues somehow managed to get hold of my family and friends and asked them to wish me happy birthday on air.

Currently I host two weekend shows on Ukhozi FM, which I’ve been doing since 2010; it’s been an interesting ride and it has enriched my life in so many ways. 

I have been blessed beyond measure to walk this path and call it ‘my life’; I have made incredible friends and worked with some wonderful people. Each and every day I thank the powers that be for walking with me on this journey.

The show goes on. 



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2 Responses to “Studio Memoirs: Radio Tales”

  1. Jabulani April 21, 2012 10:02 am #

    Hi there.I love your show on Ukhozi.But I have a question/concern/problem.Why ,on Sundays,do you always talk about love and being in love.You tell listeners to send shout outs to their loved ones,why?.Don’t get me wrong,you are doing a great job.There are a lot of issues that affect people that you can talk about on Sundays.Please don’t be offended by my question,I don’t mean to.Have a great day.

    • NVM April 21, 2012 12:36 pm #

      Hi :-) No problem with the question. The Sunday show is not a discussion show, it’s a music driven show; so the focus is not on topics. Sundays are for easy listening.
      The the music (Golden Oldies) is mostly romantic music that gets people thinking about love and being in love. Hence the love dedications. Ukhozi FM is known for giving listeners the opportunity to interact on air and this is in line with that. It’s more for them to communicate their feelings but in relation to the music and what that music means to/ evokes in most people.

      Thanks :-) :-)

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