Divine Intervention

‘There is your plan and thenthere is the gods’ plan.’

I believe in that so strongly.Call it destiny or call it fate, I call it divine intervention. No matter who your higher power is, I believethere is a higher power out there, carefully coordinating those ‘chancemeetings’ and those coincidences that often change the course of our lives. 

So often we lament not gettingwhat we wished for and even when we say ‘it happened for a reason’ we don’t saythose words with conviction, instead we say them to comfort ourselves and tohelp us move on from our disappointment. 

But if we look at the keydefining moments of our lives and how we arrive at the point where that ‘perfectopportunity presented itself’, often the series of steps  lead to those successful moments came about asa result of us changing course, unintentionally but rather because ofcircumstance.

When I am caught up in a momentof feeling ‘I want it so badly, but I don’t know how to go about it’ or when Ineed guidance and I feel like my inner compass is not working, I stop and I saythese words out loud; ‘I surrender all’ and I let it go. I stop right there andmake a commitment to stop trying to control the outcome and hand it over to thepowers that be. Whoever they might be. 

Because sometimes that which youwant is not what’s best for you but because you want it so badly and youbelieve that it is what’s best for you, you fight with all your might to getwhat you want.

But sometimes it’s best to not fight to get it, it’s better tonot to try and get what you want, but to rather wait for what you were destined for.

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4 Responses to “Divine Intervention”

  1. mbongeni November 11, 2011 11:32 pm #

    Hallo Ngcebo" well they call it a silly question(s) but can i ask it anyway?

  2. Nongcebo Vukile McKenzie November 12, 2011 5:33 pm #

    Go for it!

  3. mbongeni November 15, 2011 10:12 pm #

    Eish,I'm bit afraid now, that apostrophe makes me withdraw now(Ngiyadlala)no serious its cool Ngcebo you've already answered me via facebook, thanks.

  4. mbongeni November 16, 2011 1:08 am #

    Now about the Divine intervention: well Ngcebo, I totally agree with you 100&20 % with no hint of a doubt about all what you've said yebo sonke siyafisa, and i can tell you that everybody wish's for nothing but the best, none that settles for less in life ngobe since the bible says God had breathed a breath of life in human's nostrils that mean then that we living or existing by the breath of God who created us, now that some God is the one who doesn't and never settled for less in any and every thing he did and does. And that had automatically past it on to us too, thina zidwala zakhe. however that stays in the heart and when we start feeding that heart with good stuff, like the word of God and some motivational stuff, the character of God get revived from within us, lapho sesiqala sazi esikuphilelayo emhlabeni(Purpose)…than we start making a move towards our destinies. take for example indlu kaJakobe ngeskhathi isegibhite, for them to move from point A-B they needed the one who had a perfect purpose of/for their being, and they had to depend on his orders in order to go forward, however for all of that to happen they first had to restructure their minds sets. to first understand that they were created with and for a great purpose with a good purpose, with somebody who had a great potential to make them great and successful nation, yet still THEY HAD TO MOVE FORWARD FROM Egypt TO THE RED SEA, which happened to be their faith refreshment stop. there they had to encounter something new they never thought of(Lapho amanzi evuleka for the first time in front of their naked eyes) crossing the sea, they had to go through the desert for some time. you see they were still moving towards their destination however their downfall was their DESPERATE hearts of wanting to get to their DESTINY as soon as possible…while things were seem going slow than they wanted, but what is so amazing is that the some Person/God, who had a perfect plan for their lives from their beginnings still kept them sustained with their daily needs,(MANNA)which I guess it had all needed healthy ingredients to keep them going. Now the funny side of it is that nges'khathi uJehova ebakhipha egibhite,akashongo lutho ngolwandle olubomvu, and nothing about the lists of deserts they had to pass, and the Jordan river? oh not forgetting the wars/izizwe that they had to first defeat before they get to their DESTINY. kodwa that was also in a package of their journey, they never knew about that all, but it was known to/by the one who holds the keys of their destiny-(God). it comes clear to me that like the missing lid between them and him was “I SURRENDER ALL" they never had the spirit of"SURRENDERING" does it means that iphupho ngempilozabo was now dead? no but THEIR WANTING IT SO BADLY-WANTING TO GET TO THEIR DESTINY SOONER THAN THE TIME, and refused to believe in a say that says konke kunes'khathi sako, and is'khathi sabo seyeza. They never wanted to believe in all of that. forgetting that the dream they had which was getting into"Canaan" was God's dream first way before they were even thought to be born. Genesis 13v15, because they were a descendent of the first man who received a promise about them. So that mean that there was a perfect plan for their lives. Cabanga nje, if they was food and pillar of fire as light at night and of cloud by day on their journey I believe that alone was just a clear definition of the unseen better future.

    I QUOTE: But sometimes it’s best to not fight to get it, it’s better to not to try and get what you want, but to rather wait for what you were destined for.
    Well as always I say that’s my 2c comment….Yeah.

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